“Keep it Clean” Beach Clean Exhibition Oct 2023

“Keep it Clean” Beach Clean Exhibition Oct 2023

2023 年 Nov 21 日GallagherJames

As a society it seems we are shifting further and further towards a "throw away" mindset where its taken for granted that you can get anything you want cheaply and instantly. Convenience stores in particular cater and encourage our needs for instant gratification with every day consumer items -- all packaged individually in plastic -- available whenever we like.


One of the big flipsides of this disposable mindset is the problem of plastic waste -- too much of which is finding its way into the ocean. So much plastic garbage is dumped into the ocean every year that it is thought that there will be more plastic rubbish in the ocean than fish by 2050.


For those of us who live close to the ocean, and witness plastic rubbish of all shapes and forms washing ashore every day, its not something that we can just ignore. Since we arrived in Numazu 10 years ago, we have been engaged in beach cleaning activities and formed a group called "Team Ezo" in 2020. Members volunteer an hour once or twice a month to pick up rubbish along the local Numazu coastline.

海の近く住んでいる私たちのような人たちにとって、毎日さまざまな形や形態のプラスチックゴミが海岸に打ち上げられるのは、無視できるものではありません。私たちは10年前に沼津に住みようになり、ビーチクリーン活動をしています。2020年には「Team Ezo」というグループを結成しました。メンバーは毎月2回、沼津の海岸のゴミ拾いボランティア活動を行っています。

In October our beach cleaning group “Team Ezo” participated in beach clean exhibition at the Numazu City Hall to raise awareness of Numazu’s coastal garbage problem at the level of City Hall. Joining forces with like-minded beach cleaning groups, we displayed photos and exhibits of our activities over the past several years. 

10月に、私たちのビーチクリーングループ「Team Ezo」は、沼津市役所で開催されたビーチクリーン展示会に開催し、沼津の海岸ゴミの問題を市役所のレベルで広く知らせるために活動しました。同じくらい意欲的なビーチクリーングループと協力し、過去数年間の活動の写真やアートオブジェクト、ミッションステートメントを展示しました。

The exhibition ran for around 10 days. While the problem will not disappear overnight, we hope that our efforts will lead to greater cooperation with the City Council to address the problems and that more people will recognize this as a local environmental problem.


We thank the City Hall for their cooperation, and the three other Beach Team groups, NUMAZU ALOHA BEACH CLEAN PROJECT, WBC BEAUTIFUL SEA PROJECT, CHIKYU WO KIREI NI SURU KAI.  市役所の協力、そして他の3つのビーチチーム、「沼アロハビーチクリーンプロジェクト」、「WBC BEAUTIFUL SEA PROJECT」、「地球をきれいにする会」に感謝します。


 We encouraged visitors to write their impressions onto a message board. Some of the messages included below.  来場者には感想をメッセージボードに書くよう奨励しました。以下に一部のメッセージを掲載しています。


Thank you for keeping the coast clean. I want to be more mindful of plastic waste. - Tomoko Kawamura

海岸をきれいにしていただいてありがとうございます。プラスチックのゴミの処理気をつけたいと思います。 川村智子

As someone who loves the sea, it's disheartening to see a sea full of garbage. I want to keep the sea clean for the future of our children! I want to cherish the Earth! I was deeply moved! I'm glad I came! - Shiho

海が大好きなのでゴミだらけの海は悲しいです。今の子供達の未来の為にも海もキレイに!地球を大事にしていきたいです!!とても考えさせられました!来てよかったです!! 志保

I could swim in the sea 40 years ago. I want the sea to return to its clean state from the past. There were many shells, but now there are none. Abalone used to be plentiful, but not anymore. - Kiuchi


The fish and the sea are crying. Let's cherish the sea that we can pass on to the next generation. 魚と海が泣いています。次世代に残せる海を大事に。

Once again, I was deeply shocked! If each person is more conscious, we can surely reclaim the clean sea of Numazu!! I believe that many people should know about this!! あらためてとても衝撃を受けました!ひとりひとりがもっと意識すれば必ずやキレイな沼津の海を取り戻せる!!と信じています!!たくさん方に知って頂きたい!!

I want to eat delicious fish. Hisako Takadaさかなおいしいです  すぐろなるき

It's wonderful that if we remove the garbage from the seabed, coral can grow! I want to make the sea a place where marine life can live in peace forever! - Blue Moon Hanasaki 海底のゴミを取り除けばサンゴが育ってくれるなんて素敵です!!いつまでも海の生きものたちが安心して暮らせる海にしていきたいですね!!Blue Moon 花崎

I didn't know that microplastics are generated just by using artificial turf. I need to reconsider using it. 












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