Uni (Sea Urchin)

In season:
in season
sashimi - wasabi and soy. also with white rice and nori rolling paper seaweed.
Use by date:
one day
Serves per person:
1 tray should keep 3 uni lovers happy (for about 1 minute)

MARKET PRICE. "Uni" is the delicate roe of the sea urchin and enjoyed by seafood connosieurs as sashimi. Hokkaido's "Uni" is rated amongst the highest quality in the world. We source from both Hokkaido areas of Nemuro and Hamanaka and the nearby Northern Islands.  The price varies daily, but Northern Island Uni is around ¥7000 per tray, while premium Hokkaido Uni ¥9000, or higher during festive season. The quality and taste is very similar - however Hokkaido Uni commands the premium because of its consistent color and texture.

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