Niseko's favourite place for Seafood


Ezo Seafoods is an intimate "Owner Chef" oyster bar & seafood supply shop on Niseko Hirafu's Momiji St.The food we present is fresh, authentic and delicious, and our suppliers include Hokkaido salmon fishermen, oyster growers and scallop farmers. Hokkaido's seafood is simply wonderful, and we look forward to introducing you to the very best of it here in Niseko. The fun starts from 5pm everyday. If you cannot get a reservation feel free to drop in - we keep several tables for walk in customers!








We plan to release a limited number of tables on the YELP booking platform on August 1, 2017. You will need your credit card handy to make the booking. We require credit card details in case of cancellation, please note policy below.



1. Due to high demand, multiple bookings will be limited to one reservation per guest per week, or maximum three per season.

2. Groups with children will be alloted tables in our earlier sittings e.g. 5:15pm, 5:45pm, 6pm, or 6:15pm. If you have children please kindly book in one of these slots.

3. Cancellation Policy: we may charge your credit card ¥5000 per person if you cancel the booking within 24 hours or don't show up within 10 minutes of your booking time and we cannot otherwise fill the seats.

4. Takeout platters should be reserved in advance. At least one day or more for peak season.


Display style menu

We have no fixed menu, rather a "display style menu" which changes regularly depending on what is fresh and in season at the Sapporo Wholesale Markets or local coastal fish mongers. So you select your seafood from display cases, which we prepare and serve either fresh or cooked. We regularly stock oysters, King crab, scallops, sashimi and fresh fish. We also have a range of cooked side dishes; popular dishes include clam chowder, squid ink paella, Niseko potato wedges and crab miso soup. The average cost per person with drinks is around ¥7000. We are fully licensed and stock over 30 Australian, New Zealand and French Wines as well as Sake.



"Hi James. Just a short note to say thanks for the excellent seafood dinner last Friday.  A perfect balance of taste and texture I think..."  CH, June 2013


"If you go back to Europe...maybe you can stop at Chamonix and have a good time (and good food and wine). We'll never forget Ezo Seafoods!" G.U. (Chamonix). Feb 15th.


"Thanks so much for a truly excellent dining experience -- Christian and I absolutely loved Ezo, and hope to be back soon. The food was absolutely superb: we loved everything but were particularly fond of the crab, scallop and fried smelt." P.M. Feb 2013


"Along with the powder snow, your seafood was the highlight of our holiday in Niseko. Jan and I enjoyed greatly our 3 dinners with you." - Richard and Maureen, Melbourne. Feb 2010


"We wanted to extend our thanks to you both for a delightful evening at Ezo Seafoods. We loved the casual and intimate setting, and such warm, yet efficient hospitality is a rarity these fantastic it was to see our meal being "shucked" before our very eyes. With each dish, the incredible fresh produce was the star. As they say, "in cooking, as in all the arts, simplicity is the sign of perfection....Please be sure to reserve us a spot on one of those charming wooden benches for our next visit."


"Anne and I had a great seafood meal tonight....seriously good. The fried fugu was specially tasty. The light tempura batter made it." Austin T. September 2011


"We were in Niseko last year for a couple of weeks and ate at your restaurant a few made us the best Tempura Oysters we haven’t stopped talking about them."- Sharon, Gumdale, Australia. Sept 2010


July, 2010 “Thank you very much for hosting our large group last Thursday night. We all had a fantastic night and it was certainly some of the freshest seafood we've had.Look forward to heading back there again next year and having a night at Ezo again.” Many thanks, Tom, March 2010


"I had dinner last week with my son and a few of his young mates in your restaurant. The Oysters and seafood was memorable, other than of all the stacks I had learning to snow board and the nice village atmosphere. I have mentioned your restaurant too many times when people ask me how my trip was to Niseko to not tell you and thankyou." BM Feb 2013




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