Hokkaido Seafood Safety Update

Anyone watching the developments at the beleaguered Fukushima nuclear plant can't help but be alarmed about the impact on the environment, in particular on our oceans and the safety of our food. Naturally, we at Ezo Seafoods are keeping a close watch on the issue of seafood safety to ensure that we can serve, and that our customers can enjoy, our seafood with total confidence. 

Our view, which is supported by results from independent testing conducted since March 2011, is that Hokkaido seafood is and will remain safe because it is naturally insulated by the Pacific current, which runs southward from Hokkaido providing a natural barrier to Hokkaido's waters. Continuous testing since March 2011 confirms that there has not been a single case of fish contamination in the waters surrounding Hokkaido and that the problem remains largely concentrated in the waters off Fukushima Prefecture.  


CLICK HERE to view the most recent testing results.

Ezo Seafoods Conclusions:

  • Of the 4020 tests conducted on fish between July 5th and September 13, 42 fish -- or .01% (one tenth of one percent) of ocean fish tested -- resulted in verified contamination. All but two cases were from waters around Fukushima, where a total fishing ban is in place.
  • There were no cases of fish testing above standard limits for radioactivity north of Fukushima.
  • In Hokkaido, there has not been a single case of fish or shellfish testing above standard limits for radioactivity since the March 2011 accident. All products that we offer in Ezo seafoods including oysters, clams, squid, salmon undergo regular testing and all have been confirmed to be totally free from radioactivity.
  • Japan wide, there has not been a single case of contaminated fish or other food product finding its way into the distribution system since the accident occured in March 2011.


The wide scope of the testing both in terms of types of fish, the different organizations conducting the testing and finally the results, should put most people's minds at ease but until the situation stabilizes, we will continue to monitor the testing results closely and will not take anything for granted. If the situation deteriorates we will post notices immediately. But we are confident that based on Hokkaido's unique geography which is protected naturally by the currents, there is absolutely no risk to food safety.


Please feel free to contact me with any further questions or concerns.


James Gallagher


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