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Ezo Seafoods」は2009年北海道のニセコで開業し、北海道の世界遺産の知床の漁師さん、各地域の漁業組合、そして札幌中央卸から毎日魚、漁貝類を選別して、世界の観点から見て、その日のシーフードを新鮮に美味しく提供しています。

そして今年から、「Ezo Seafoods」は美しい海岸線で有名な西伊豆で「Summer」を設立し、夏の間*旬の物にこだわり、北海道と駿河湾の魚を料理し、西伊豆の魅力を味わう、愉しお店をスタートしました。



Head Chef and Owner Keiko Takaoka is the eldest daughter from a family that has cultivated rice for 7 generations*. Trained in traditional Japanese cooking from an early age, she has developed a signature style that combines simplicity, flair and a discriminating emphasis on fresh produce and ingredients. Keiko ran a professional catering service in Niseko from 2005 to 2007 and completed a Food Coordinator Course in Sapporo in 2008 before setting up Ezo Seafoods in 2009. (*Naturally Ezo Seafoods only use Keiko's family rice "Koshihikari" in all of its rice products).

In summer 2012, Keiko broadened her exposure to world cuisine taking a course in Pintxos Donostaria at the famed Luis Irizar Cooking School in Spanish coastal town of San Sebastian.


Your emcee at Ezo Seafoods is James Gallagher. Originally from Brisbane Australia, James has lived in Japan for more than 20 years and in Hokkaido for the past 10. His obsession with seafood saw him running oyster and crab deliveries to clients when he was marketing manager for Niseko's Hokkaido Tracks. His customers would come back to Niseko each year and ask for "more of those great oysters". That led to crab, and soon he had a burgeoning network of suppliers and clients. He started Ezo Seafoods to combine Keiko's culinary talents with his love of oysters and the world of Hokkaido seafood. James drives 5 hours to and from Niseko almost every day to the Sapporo Wholesale markets and coastal towns to ensure customers can enjoy the freshest possible seafood. Read more about James Gallagher in the Japan Times: www.japantimes.co.jp/text/fl20120623a1.html



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