Can you recommend any good restaurants in Niseko?

 What's your favorite restaurant guys?



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Discovering the real Japan in Nishi Izu

Vermillion sunsets, cascading waterfalls, and ancient Shinto temples are just some of the reasons local people call the Izu Peninsula “God’s Country.” Locals also joke that people take life slowly in Izu, presumably from the sun and ocean-connected lifestyle that they have led for generations.

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2016 Wrap up -- Joie de Vie, Oysters and Sav Blanc


Its time to wrap it up -- Ezo Seafoods' 7th season in Niseko. SEVEN!! And what a season it was...


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Ezo "Summer" Season One Wrap up

Last Sunday (August 30th), we finished up our first season down here in Izu, hopefully the first of many to come. We will take a break now before heading back to Niseko in October to prepare for the next winter season. 


Like our first season in Niseko back in 2009, it was TOUGH. We started with a lot of confidence - coming off our 6th season in Niseko where we were fully booked every night, often months in advance. But we had no idea whether our approach to seafood would work or whether our reading of the local market was correct.

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Getting acquainted in Izu 〜伊豆との出会い〜

Hi everybody.

It has been a month since we opened the doors in Izu so I thought it time for a quick update and a few photos. Well, it's been quite a challenge taking the dreams and vision of opening a new restaurant to actually running a restaurant on a daily basis and serving and hopefully satisfying customers! Lots of reality checks, for sure. But overall we are enjoying getting to know the area and the people better. Our horizons are broadening by the day and we feel lucky to be in such a beautiful area.


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2014 Season Wrap up

Niseko's amazing powder snow falls softly on Momiji St in early December


On March 29th, we closed the doors once again, bringing to an end Ezo Seafood's fifth season. It was our best season yet, marked by strong trade, generally smoother service and improvements to the variety and freshness of our seafood. Not to mention lots of big fun nights. I would like to sincerely thank our staff and customers for their ongoing support. 


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Ezo Seafoods to Open "Katsugyo" (活魚)Restaurant in Izu Peninsula



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Hokkaido Seafood Safety Update

Anyone watching the developments at the beleaguered Fukushima nuclear plant can't help but be alarmed about the impact on the environment, in particular on our oceans and the safety of our food. Naturally, we at Ezo Seafoods are keeping a close watch on the issue of seafood safety to ensure that we can serve, and that our customers can enjoy, our seafood with total confidence. 

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Wonderful new Book from Sydney Seafood School

The Sydney Seafood School has released a new cookbook that I wanted to introduce and recommend. Edited by Roberta Muir, the book is a world class collection of "tips, techniques & recipies from Australia's leading chefs" including Tony Bilson, Tetsuya Wakuda and Peter Doyle. 


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